ADU 1348: Are NAICS codes important for Drone Pilots?

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On Today’s podcast, we discuss navigating the tax filing season for drone pilots, and respond to Joe who would like to know more on codes to be used for tax filing. We discuss how drone pilots should navigate the tax filing space and what are the classifications available? We discuss about NAICS codes and navigating tax season for drone pilots and considerations to keep in mind when filing taxes.

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[04:25] Learn more about Drone U Experience training in Colorado
[07:06] Today’s question on taxes and NAICS codes to use while filing taxes
[08:18] What is the NAICS code and why is it important while filing your taxes?
[12:09] How to obtain and navigate NAICS codes specific to your business and industry?
[14:01] Understanding GSA schedule for your business
[15:48] Knowing your tax consultant while doing your taxes and understanding tax implications of your business decisions

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