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ANRA Technologies Introduces Vertiport Management System (VMS) for Urban Air Mobility at Dubai Air Show

ANRA Technologies, a global leader in uncrewed vehicle mission management and operations solutions, unveiled its Vertiport Management System (VMS) at the Dubai Air Show, addressing a critical digital technology gap in managing Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Urban Air Mobility (UAM) aircraft operations at vertiport facilities.

As the emerging urban air mobility industry continues to evolve, ANRA’s VMS is a versatile, web-based software platform designed to adapt to various aircraft, vertiports, and locations. With the increasing autonomy of VTOL aircraft, the demand for services ensuring safe and efficient vertiport operations is on the rise. VMS plays a pivotal role by intelligently exchanging real-time data with necessary services, facilitating the safe arrival and departure of UAM aircraft.

Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies, emphasized the unique contribution of VMS: “While many vertiport providers focus on physical infrastructure and passenger experience, ANRA has developed the digital layer. VMS facilitates intelligent operational and safety decisions by seamlessly connecting with various systems at the vertiport, aircraft, and the broader Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem.”

ANRA Urban Air Mobility Vertiport Management System VMSANRA Urban Air Mobility Vertiport Management System VMSIncreasing aircraft autonomy in the UAM market requires simultaneous improvements in automation support systems. NASA, in its Vertiport Automation, Software Architecture and Requirements report, underlined the importance of collaborative decision-making, scheduling, airspace management, demand capacity balancing, and service synchronization. ANRA’s VMS aligns with this vision.

The microservice architecture of VMS supports multiple vertiport designs, is aircraft agnostic, and seamlessly integrates with existing commercial air traffic management (ATM) systems. UAM operators can efficiently plan and execute flight operations using ANRA’s airspace management services, including real-time vertiport resource status, reservation requests, resource schedules, clearance requests, system checks, live telemetry, micro weather services, live surveillance data, and integration with broader UAM traffic management systems.

ANRA’s VMS is now available for organizations involved in developing concepts of operation, urban planning, constructing vertiport facilities, and airspace management within the UAM ecosystem. By connecting ground infrastructure with digital infrastructure, ANRA bridges the gap for businesses and municipalities building the next-generation aviation economy.

ANRA Technologies is exhibiting at the Dubai Airshow from November 13 to 17.

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