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In a crowded drone market where hundreds of heterogeneous systems coexist, operators often have to deal with control interfaces specific to each manufacturer, which can present challenges in terms of training and skills maintenance.

Delair’s “DRAKO”; (Drone Remote Access Command & Control for Operations) universal ground station offers a unified command/control interface with an open architecture that works with the main standards and the main UAV manufacturers. DRAKO is already operational on a dozen UAVs of various types and sizes, including multi-copters, aircraft, VTOL, and Loitering munition.

“DRAKO is neither an intention nor a concept. It is a fully operational product that has been extensively tested in the most demanding operational environments, including Ukraine. DRAKO has therefore been “combat proven” in a high-intensity operational context” states Bastien MANCINI, Delair Chairman.
Delair offers a comprehensive range of six UAVs, including multirotor and fixed-wing systems, as well as loitering Munitions (UX11, DT26, DT46, SHIP Drone, Colibri, Larinae). To meet its own specific requirements, Delair developed the DRAKO Universal UAV Ground Station, which is now available on the market and compatible with the main industrial standards.

Mavlink is used for control and command, while STANAG 4609 is employed for video streams.

The use of these open standards enables « DRAKO » to be compatible with tactical information systems downstream of the UAV ground station, including Delta Suite, ATAK, SICS, Atlas.

This comprehensive solution is an example of Delair’s dedication to an open ecosystem, with established standards that facilitate agile collaboration with industry leaders, including KNDS, MBDA, Naval Group, HexaDrone, Thalès, and others.

We are pleased to announce that DRAKO includes a native flight simulator, allowing users to operate its flight and observation functions virtually. All standard mapping and digital terrain model formats, including DTED, may be imported for use within the software.

Furthermore, DRAKO’s on-board simulation can be used during operations for the preparation and training
of a wide range of tasks.

From a military perspective, the DRAKO weapon system is a combat proven solution that enables forces to reactively adapt to their needs, optimize learning tasks, and maintain operational readiness. In the context of rapidly evolving operational and technological landscapes, DRAKO represents a crucial missing link, poised to provide a significant boost to the specialized UAV and combat UAV segments.

About Delair

Founded in 2011, Delair designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of aerial and underwater drones for the industrial inspection and security/defense sectors. Based in Labège (France-31), The company has more than 100 employees for a 2023 turnover above 10 M€.

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