BVLOS Pipeline Inspections: Avisight, Event 38 and Elsight

New Connectivity Solutions Drive Efficiency in Challenging Terrains

Event 38 Unmanned Systems, a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, and AviSight, a critical infrastructure inspection provider, have announced their collaboration with Elsight to integrate its AI-based UAV connectivity solution, Halo, into their operations. This partnership aims to enhance beyond visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) inspections for extensive oil and gas pipeline monitoring over difficult terrain.

Elsight’s Halo is a lightweight and reliable communications system. Halo utilizes AI-based software to aggregate multiple IP links into a secure bond using public and private cellular, satellite, and RF technologies. This ensures uninterrupted drone communications even in the most challenging environments, facilitating continuous transmission of high-bandwidth video and data to the command-and-control center (C2).

Elsight HaloElsight Halo

AviSight’s CEO, Suzanne Herring, emphasized the importance of connectivity in their operations: “AviSight’s reputation is dependent on our ability to provide accurate, timely and consistently critical infrastructure inspections through the use of unmanned ariel systems in a cost-effective manner. In a technology market that is rapidly developing, it is essential to remain innovative in our systems methodology while also embodying the challenges of an efficient execution of the mission. With C2 linkage being a primary priority for our BVLOS missions, it was essential to find a partner with the capabilities to maintain communications throughout our volatile terrains. Elsight has provided us with the ability to maintain C2 through vast wetlands, mountainous regions, and remote areas. While Event 38’s E455 has given us the ability to fly extensive linear inspections efficiently and more cost effectively.”

The E455, Event 38’s latest VTOL drone, is a fixed-wing, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft weighing 55lbs. It offers a 2.5-hour flight endurance on battery power alone and is capable of carrying diverse payloads, including mapping sensors, LiDAR, and EO/IR surveillance sensors. This versatility meets the strict demands of various applications, including lengthy pipeline inspections.

Event38 455, BVLOS Pipeline InspectionsEvent38 455, BVLOS Pipeline Inspections

Jeff Taylor, CEO of Event 38 Unmanned Systems, highlighted the significance of this integration: “The high bandwidth and low power usage of the Elsight Halo paired with the E455 open endless possibilities of inspections over long distances and rugged terrain that were not possible previously. Our E455 VTOL was able to get closer to the pipelines with the help of Elsight.”

Yoav Amitai, CEO of Elsight, commented on the collaboration: “Working with Event 38 and AviSight has been very fulfilling from both technological and business perspectives. Our Halo was designed for mission-critical goals, particularly, in difficult situations. Elsight optimizes the use of drones in many industries with reliable BVLOS connectivity for operational effectiveness. At the same time, we enable industry growth by using only one operator to control a drone fleet from remote locations anywhere. This is how we see our Halo as a market catalyst for drones in pipelines, and inspections in many industries, in which removing the human element delivers better and safer results.”

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