Campaign Spotlight: Driving Demand with Marketing Velocity Central and User Protection Campaign

Marketing Velocity Central (MVC) is Cisco’s data-driven demand generation platform created by marketers for marketers. Our partners use MVC to learn, build their brand, launch campaigns, track results and become world-class marketers.

For the past decade, MVC has provided our partner marketing professionals with curated campaigns for today’s biggest opportunities. This month’s spotlight campaign is on end user security with Cisco User Protection Suite.

The User Protection Challenge

One of the main challenges facing organizations today is identity-based attacks. Bad actors are using a wide range of techniques, from phishing and social engineering to supply chain attacks, business email compromise, and more. For many of these attacks, it would take a cybersecurity expert to spot the red flags. This has become a major problem for organizations. Talos, Cisco’s Threat Intelligence Group, found that 80% of breaches were caused by targeting users.

User Protection is a hot topic, and one many security buyers have been grappling with. Each time a new threat emerges, a new solution comes to the market to protect against that threat. In fact, large enterprises have, on average, 76 security products. This is leading to product complexity for security and IT teams and organizations are looking to simplify.

This is where Cisco, along with our partners, can provide a holistic approach to protecting users.

Cisco has investigated and researched this problem and when we asked security buyers what their top concern is, they said over and over that product complexity is the root of the challenge. So rather than continue the vendor-by-vendor approach, we asked if these same buyers would consider a suite to save time managing products, to make it easier to deploy products, and save money.

With the Cisco User Protection Suite, we offer a new approach to protecting users and only Cisco has the scale and network to inform our products to better protect our customers. With over 300,000 customers and over 550 billion security events per day, we see a lot. We are using this information to better protect our users so we know which malicious sites we should block, which IP addresses bad actors are using, or what behavioral indicators should trigger certain alerts.

Cisco User Protection Suite

The Cisco User Protection Suite provides a simplified, integrated user experience. User protection provides better efficacy through an integrated roadmap, comprehensive protection, and incorporates AI to transform management and secure outcomes.

Products work together and provide customers with:

  • Better experiences: enables your customers to be productive at their job with secure, seamless access to all resources
  • Better economics: Work with one vendor to provide the breadth of solutions to protect your users – that means one contact, one contract, and one renewal.
  • Better efficacy: improve your customers’ security posture, lower their risks, and keep their sensitive information safe.

Cisco User Protection Suite provides our partners with:

  • Consolidating cybersecurity solutions under one vendor to simplify subscription management for partners
  • Expanding the opportunity into an Enterprise Agreement (EA), making it much more difficult for competitive security providers to displace incumbency
  • Collaborating with our customers as a trusted advisor and support customers on their user protection journey
  • Improving efficiency and saving customers money, while providing a valuable business outcome

Drive demand and pipeline with Marketing Velocity Central

Did you know that partners who use Marketing Velocity Central (MVC) generate 4 times more pipeline than those who do not? As a benefit for being a Cisco registered partner, you can generate more pipeline and bookings by activating the User Protection campaign on Marketing Velocity Central.

MVC accelerates your time to market with ready-to-use content, customizable campaigns including email and social copy, images, logos, and shareable content to drive customer engagement.

To optimize your marketing campaigns, MVC also provides services such as:

  • Co-branding: show your credibility by downloading and using your Cisco partnership logo through logo builder
  • Customization: set yourself apart by picking a ready-to-go campaign, edit it and choose from the many images in our library
  • Account-Based Targeting: upload and manage your list of contacts in one single place while tracking campaign engagement via a lead-scoring method
  • Full-Service Activities: hire a third-party marketing agency to help you obtain even better results and use your Cisco marketing funds, or your own funds

Get started now

Learn more about the Cisco User Protection Suite by watching the overview video on Marketing Velocity Learning


Visit MVC to begin building your User Protection campaign using our step-by-step guide.

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