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counter Drone NearthlabSouth Korean Firm to Showcase Cutting-Edge Counter-UAS and AI-Driven Solutions in San Dieg

After demonstrating their AI-driven technology at Drone Show Korea, South Korea-based autonomous drone solutions provider Nearthlab is gearing up to display its latest counter-UAS technology at this year’s AUVSI Xponential, held this week at the San Diego Convention Center. 

The centerpiece of their approach is a high-speed interceptor drone that uses advanced autopilot algorithms to calculate precise tracking trajectories. According to this video filmed by Al Jazeera in Korea, it weighs in at a heavyweight 2.5 kg (nearly 5.5 lbs) and features 500g (1.1 lbs) of explosives. Nearthlab says that their autonomous tracking technology allows for their solution to dispatch Group 1 and 2 threats with ease.

Much of the same AI-driven autonomous flight technologies underlie their other projects, including AiDEN, a mission-flexible AI-powered drone designed for diverse operational contexts including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, emergency response programs, and infrastructure inspections. Formerly known as the AIDrone, Nearthlab recently announced that the AiDEN, which weighs only 4 lbs and is completely foldable, had received a coveted iF Design award for its attractive features and intuitive interface. Its mission flexibility is enhanced by its effective operation in GPS and light-limited environments. 

“Drones are increasingly becoming fundamental to modern life, and it’s crucial that we equip ourselves with advanced tools to stay ahead of the curve,” said Jay Choi, CEO and co-founder. “We’re excited about the opportunity to demonstrate how our newest innovations will come to redefine industry standards at this prestigious event.”

Nearthlab touts their National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant production processes for their CUAS product and AiDEN. Their strict adherence to the federally-established standards allows for their range of UAS solutions to be safely and securely deployed in military and industrial settings within the United States. 

More information on Nearthlab is available here.


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