DoT Warns Customers About Fraudulent Calls

dot warns customers about fraudulent calls now

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is warning customers that it doesn’t make calls for disconnecting or stopping services. Many fraudsters are making calls claiming they are from the telecom department and threatening customers that their numbers are going to be disconnected. Scaring these customers, the fraudsters are able to take the personal information of the users. DoT has issued an alert to the citizens saying that it doesn’t make such calls.

If the citizens receive such calls, they should verify their authenticity with their respective service providers. Further, in case it is a fraud call, the citizen must directly report it to the National Cyber Crime Reporting portal.

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Anytime your number is going to be disconnected, the call will only come from the telecom operator. Further, no telecom operator would disconnect your number if you are an active paying customer. So if you receive such a call where the caller is claiming that your number will be disconnected, verify the call and its authenticity before worrying about anything else. Also, do not share personal details or any OTP (one-time password) with these callers as most likely they are only trying to commit fraud.

DoT has advised customers to be more vigilant and aware of the matter of cybercrime as they are on the rise at the moment. It is a general rule that employees of any company do not ask for OTPs from the customers. So if you get a call where your OTP is being asked for, you should directly report it as a cyber crime.

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The telecom operators will only disconnect a SIM that is lying inactive for a very long time. If you are a customer who continuously recharges, there’s no need to worry as no telco would interfere with the experience of a paying customer.

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