Google sues scammers that use Bard to ‘exploit’ the public

What you need to know

  • Google details that it is suing two groups of scammers, who seem to stem from Vietnam, for scamming users.
  • One group has been found tricking users through social media posts and ads into downloading malware through the false promise of Google Bard access.
  • The second has created “dozens” of Google accounts to submit false DMCA (copyright) claims against more than 10,000 businesses.

Google announces that it is proceeding with legal action against two groups of online scammers who have taken advantage of its AI chatbot, Bard. In the company’s official blog post, Google states each group went about “exploiting” the public in its own way due to an increase in public excitement for generative AI. This has spurred Google to issue two lawsuits, one for each group that has gone about scams in a different way.

Information about the lawsuits, obtained by The Verge, states both groups are based in Vietnam and have been using social media to do their bidding.

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