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This is a maintenance release, after the previous one was more than a year old. There were a couple open pull requests which I merged.


  • Changed DTTextAttachment to be a subclass of NSTextAttachment to avoid some crashes.
  • Remove the checking of tiled layer in DTAttributedTextContentView.
  • Removed unneeded constant causing a warning
  • Added support for underline color
  • Added ability to pass in a UIFontDescriptor for DTHTMLAttributedStringBuilder

On the first change I think there might be some further work necessary to actually use the native sizing functions correctly. DTCoreText was started at a time when there was no NSTextAttachment on iOS (before iOS 7). Since we cannot even build for this platform any more for a few years, it was ok to make this change.

The last change got implemented to deal with an issue where Times New Roman would be used instead of San Francisco UI.

Many thanks to the contributors of pull requests!

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