Gremsy Gimbal for WISPR SkyScout Drone

US-based drone manufacturer collaborates with leading camera gimbal stabilizer company to enhance offerings

WISPR Systems, a prominent manufacturer of commercial drones, has announced a new partnership with Gremsy, a leading producer of camera gimbal stabilizers for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This collaboration aims to enhance the functionality and user experience of WISPR’s latest drone, the SkyScout, which is designed for applications such as mapping, surveying, construction, and power line inspection.

Gremsy Gimbal for WISPR SkyScout Drone

Gremsy will support the SkyScout with four of its products – Pixy SC-24, Pixy LR S-port, Vio F1/G1, and Zio. The integrated Pixy SC-24 for SkyScout began shipping in April 2024. John McArthur, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for WISPR Systems, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “WISPR takes pride in the craftsmanship of our drones, and we believe this partnership with Gremsy will only enhance the user experience. We look forward to continuing to expand this partnership with Gremsy products that align well with our portfolio.”

Founded in 2016, WISPR Systems is dedicated to manufacturing reliable and affordable commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the U.S. Their drones support various industries including surveying, mapping, telecommunications, utilities, and public safety. WISPR’s proprietary software system is designed to offer an advanced flight experience, combining navigation tools, real-time data analytics, and user-friendly interfaces suitable for both novice and professional pilots. McArthur added, “WISPR’s proprietary software system is designed to offer an unparalleled flight experience, combining advanced navigation tools, real-time data analytics and user-friendly interfaces that make piloting a breeze for both novices and professionals.”

Gremsy gimbal WISPR droneGremsy gimbal WISPR droneGremsy, with a decade of experience in manufacturing, assembling, and supporting UAV gimbals and payloads, has consistently provided products tailored for a diverse range of drone-mounted cameras and sensors. The collaboration introduces the Pixy SC-24, a custom gimbal engineered to optimize the performance of ADTi cameras. This gimbal is integrated into the SkyScout platform to address various industrial applications such as surveying, mapping, and inspection.

Jay Huynh, Gremsy’s Head of Sales Division, highlighted the flexibility and customization offered by their gimbal systems. “Specifically in this collaboration, Gremsy’s gimbal systems are crafted with complete customization capabilities, optimizing payload weight and size. We feature a hot-swappable mechanism allowing for a seamless transition between a diverse array of Gremsy’s payloads, including VIO, ZIO, and Pixy LR S-port, which enhances convenience for both professional custom developers and end-users,” said Huynh.

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