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ideaForge Technology Inc. (a subsidiary of ideaForge Technology Limited), a leading global drone technology and manufacturing company, announces the launch of new innovative solutions designed to bolster its presence in the US market. These innovative solutions for Border Protection and Public Safety represent the brand’s commitment to addressing pivotal challenges encountered by border patrol agencies and law enforcement bodies through innovation.

The Border Protection solution stands as a robust response to the pressing issues confronted by Customs and Border Protection agencies, including the rampant scourge of illegal activities. Leveraging cutting-edge drone technology along with BlueFire Touch (GCS) and BlueFire Live! (live streaming with payload control) software capabilities, ideaForge endeavors to fortify border management measures and streamline patrol operations, thereby safeguarding national borders. 

Additionally, the Public Safety solution empowers police officers to extend their monitoring reach, and promptly detect and respond to alerts using the BlueFire Touch software capabilities. Some of the other capabilities of this solution include day & night people detection, moving target indication, day & night object tracking, license plate detection and BlueFire Live! for live streaming with payload control to decision-makers.

The introduction of SWITCH + NETRA V4 PRO UAVs, adhering to the requirements of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), underscores ideaForge’s commitment to meeting stringent regulatory requirements and ensuring compliance with industry standards. The SWITCH UAV, an innovative creation by ideaForge, transforms long-range monitoring with its 10 miles operational range and 120-minute flight time. The NETRA V4 PRO-a quadcopter UAV platform, being the latest addition to ideaForge’s NETRA Series UAV lineup, also boasts of a 10 miles operational range and over 90 minutes of flight time.

“Following successful demonstrations in the US and showcasing the best-in-class capabilities of our platforms directly to the end users, we have recognised the significance of these two solutions, particularly in the American market,” said Mr. Ankit Mehta, CEO, ideaForge Technology Limited“With our holistic approach to drone technology and unwavering commitment to addressing critical challenges, we are confident that these solutions will significantly impact border management, and public safety endeavors of our customers, reinforcing our mission to innovate for a safer, more secure world. Last year, we introduced our forest management solution, further solidifying our dedication to creating solutions that make a real difference on the ground.”

In addition to these solutions, ideaForge is excited to announce the Early Adopter Program, offering a unique opportunity to try the drone without any initial investment before making purchasing decisions. Register for the EAP program here and get your free trial now.

About ideaForge Technology Limited

ideaForge is the pioneer and the pre-eminent market leader in the Indian unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”) market. The customers have completed over 4,55,000 flights using ideaForge UAVs. To know more about ideaForge, visit

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