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Jinhong UAV Export Control

Dear valued customers,

In compliance with recent governmental regulations and our own company policies, we wish to inform you of the new export control measures implemented by China as of September. As a responsible UAV enterprise, JINHONG UAV always upheld the highest standards in adhering to all relevant laws and regulations for our exports.

Here are some crucial points you need to be aware of:

Export Destinations: We do not export our UAV products to countries and regions that are under sanctions, have a high incidence of terrorism, or are experiencing armed conflict. Your understanding in this matter is highly appreciated.

UAV Platform without Installation: These can be exported without any restrictions.

Engines below 360cc: These can be exported as usual.

UAV Cameras with Infrared: These are under the new export control scope. Customers looking to export this item will need to apply for the necessary permissions.

Completely Assembled RTF UAVs: During the export control period, we are unable to export ready-to-fly (RTF) UAVs that have already been assembled. If you need to export the RTF UAVs, you are required to provide the following documentation for export licensing:

End-user and end-use certificates

Introductions of importers and end-users

Your understanding and cooperation during these changing times is deeply appreciated. For further details and to keep updated on the situation, please refer to our website: China Announces New Export Controls on UAV Products Effective from September.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.

Warm Regards,

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