ios – Black/Blank Splash Screen (Loading Screen) on Apple Device

I have a .NET 7 MAUI application that is being used solely for iOS/iPadOS. The splash screen is completely black with nothing visible. The SVG file is an image with no black – only blue and white. This happens in deployment to local devices and simulators, as well as when deploying a Release build IPA to the device.

I have:

  • A loading_screen.svg file in /Resources/Splash with a Build Action of MauiSplashScreen.
  • The file size is 214 KB. The resolution is 1920 x 1080.
  • Set the MauiSplashScreen tag:
  <MauiSplashScreen Include="Resources\Splash\loading_screen.svg" />
  • Set the UILaunchStoryboardName in Info.plist for the iOS platform:
  • Set the UILaunchImageFile in Info.plist for the iOS platform (I have also tried changing the extension in the string below to .png):

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