Korechi Innovations Pik’r-1500 robot retrieves golf balls at the U.S. Open

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Korechi Pik'r ball-picking robot at US Open Pinehurst.

The Pik’r ball-picking robot at the 2024 U.S. Open at Pinehurst. Source: Korechi Innovations

While the 124th U.S. Open is all about human talent, skill, and composure under competitive pressure, robots are finding their place. As golfers practice their drives on the newly converted Cradle 9-hole course at Pinehurst Resort, the new Pick’r robot from Korechi Innovations Inc. is safely and efficiently retrieving balls.

Korechi said the Pick’r-1500 is designed for rugged terrain. It features a durable steel frame and a thick stainless-steel shell to ensure operations in the harsh conditions of a professional practice range.

The Pick’r-1500 includes advanced GPS technology and can collect thousands of golf balls daily, providing a constant supply for players, said the Oshawa, Ontario-based company.

Pikr promises efficiency and sustainability

Korechi Innovations said it introduced the Pikr-1500 at the U.S. Open to highlight its capacity and reliability. The robot‘s lightweight design, paired with a long-lasting battery, allows for all-day operation, minimizing disruptions to practice sessions, according to the company.

Not only can the autonomous ball retriever reduce the need for workers to recover balls, but it can also significantly cut down on operational costs and environmental impact, operating on less than $1 of electricity per day, said Korechi. As golf facilities worldwide face staffing shortages, the Pikr offers a sustainable solution to the labor-intensive task of range picking.

By automating ball retrieval, staff can focus on enhancing guest experiences and other value-added services. This shift also aligns with the growing trend towards sustainable practices in sports management, Korechi said.

About Korechi Innovations

Korechi Innovations designs and manufactures autonomous robots for agricultural and sports applications. Since its entry into the golf industry in 2019, the company said it has deployed Pikr across North America, retrieving millions of balls at major golf facilities.

As the U.S. Open continues in North Carolina, Korechi said it is demonstrating to golf industry professionals and enthusiasts the future of golf range management through the the Pikr-1500’s performance and reliability.

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