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Parallel Flight Technologies (PFT), a leading developer of autonomous UAV solutions and hybrid propulsion, today announced a five-unit order with deposits from Alpha Drones USA for its heavy-lift drone platform, Firefly. The Alpha Drones order comes with the option to purchase an additional twenty units during the next year. Initial orders are expected to ship near the end of Q4 2024.

Alpha Drones USA, Inc. a prominent provider of industrial drone services, has chosen Firefly as its premiere long-range mission drone, recognizing its exceptional heavy lift capabilities. With applications spanning industries such as logistics, construction, mining, and agriculture. Firefly is positioned to revolutionize industrial services both domestically and internationally.

Kelvin King, CEO of Alpha Drones USA, Inc., highlighted the importance of Firefly’s hybrid powertrain system, stating, “We firmly believe in Firefly’s reliability and heavy lift capabilities, especially in comparison to all-electric aircraft. The hybrid powertrain system offers unmatched performance in diverse environments, ensuring that we can meet the needs of our clientele with precision and reliability.”

“We are excited to support Alpha Drones USA, Inc. as they utilize Firefly to meet the needs of multiple industrial markets as well as create new market opportunities.” says Craig Stevens, CEO of Parallel Flight Technologies. This order validates and signals a significant need across industries for a heavy-lift platform that has long-duration and long-range capabilities.”

Parallel Flight’s USA built, flagship hybrid aircraft, the 122 kg MTOW Firefly, has been widely praised as a ‘heavy-lift workhorse’ and is well suited for numerous industrial applications, including wildfire and land management, powerline, utility/infrastructure, medical/disaster logistics, agriculture, maritime operation and wind-turbine related missions.

Backed by USDA, NASA and NSF, the company’s proprietary Parallel Hybrid Electric Multirotor (PHEM) drone technology enables the Firefly to carry an impressive 45kg payload (not including fuel) for up to 1.6 hours, allows for 10x longer endurance and range, making it an exponential gain over all electric drones.

Parallel Flight’s innovative technology recently resulted in a $1M DoD’s NSIC Award for Advancing of UAS Capabilities.

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