progressive web apps – “Sign in with Apple” failing PWA on iOS (same code works on web)

I am building a PWA using Supabase for authentication. I am bundling it into an iOS app webview using I am using “Sign in with Apple” for my oauth flow.

I’ve configured “Sign in with Apple” and it works as expected via the website (

However, after bundling it into an iOS app and building onto my phone or simulator, “Sign in with Apple” no longer works.

Instead, client is directed to, which shows

{"code":400,"msg":"OAuth state parameter missing"}

It should send a request like:[[b64-state]]

You can see in my expected redirect_uri, all the expected GET parameters are present (but missing in the bundled iOS app).

How can I configure the app to ensure that all GET params are sent in the supabase redirect uri?

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