Pyrotechnic Drone Shows Sky Elements

Innovation in Aerial Entertainment with FAA-Approved Firework Drones

Sky Elements has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the field of aerial entertainment by becoming the first US-based drone light show company to receive FAA approval to attach fireworks to drones. This innovative development was showcased with a spectacular display involving 300 drones, marking a new era for drone light shows in the United States.

Pyro drone shows blend traditional drone light displays with drones outfitted with pyrotechnic devices, which can be triggered to fire at any point during the show. This combination creates dazzling effects such as trails of waterfalls and shooting stars. After a rigorous 26-month approval process, Sky Elements is now equipped to revolutionize aerial shows with this cutting-edge technology.

First-Ever Pyro Drone Show in the U.S.

On May 20th, 2024, Sky Elements made history by flying the first-ever pyro drone light show in the United States. The event featured a formation of 300 drones creating the pattern of a bald eagle, with 12 of these drones rigged to release firework waterfalls from the tips of the wings. This event highlights Sky Elements’ position at the forefront of the drone industry, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in aerial entertainment.

Sky Elements is addressing the long-standing debate of whether drone shows will replace traditional fireworks. By combining the two, they offer a unique experience that can enhance celebrations, particularly on occasions such as the Fourth of July. Last year, Sky Elements conducted forty drone shows over the holiday weekend and plans to double that number this year, providing an innovative solution for municipalities that previously had to choose between fireworks and drone displays.

Sky Elements, the only company in the U.S. with FAA approval for pyrotechnic drones, offers a comprehensive service for event organizers. The design process is collaborative, with their team of world-class animators working closely with clients to determine the show’s size, length, and unique pyrotechnic elements. This tailored approach ensures that each event delivers a memorable experience. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Sky Elements Drone Shows has six Guinness World Records to its name,  producing drone light shows for various events across the United States and internationally.

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