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As the world leader in autonomous flight, the leading drone manufacturer in the U.S., awardee on two programs of record with the U.S. military, and a trusted partner to dozens of allied militaries around the world, we at Skydio are acutely aware that: 1. Autonomous drones will define battlefield tactics long into the future and, 2. Skydio will play a critical role in this uncrewed future.

Building on our commitment to serve the Department of Defense and our allies by providing autonomous, reliable, and secure drones to defend democracy and keep fighting forces safe, we are pleased to announce the formation of Skydio’s National Security Advisory Board, which includes General (US Army Ret.) Austin “Scott” MillerDr. Nadia SchadlowPeter W. SingerLieutenant General (US Air Force Ret.) Kirk Pierce, and Major General (Royal Australian Army Ret.) Mick Ryan, AM. This distinguished group of leaders brings invaluable experience and collective wisdom that will be instrumental in the continued development of our rapidly growing defense and government business.

“It is a distinct honor to welcome this incredible group of veterans, experts, and leaders as founding members of Skydio’s National Security Advisory Board. Their expertise and perspective will play an important role as Skydio expands its business in the global defense sector, bringing autonomous drones to US and allied soldiers on the battlefield and bases around the world. The best way to predict the future is to invent it, and with this stellar advisory board we’re well-equipped to invent and build the future of flying robots here in America.”

Adam Bry

Skydio CEO and co-founder

The National Security Advisory Board will collaborate with our executive team and help guide Skydio’s strategy and tactics in the defense space. The members of the board will convene quarterly and provide guidance on an ad hoc basis to address emerging issues.

Skydio’s Security Advisory Board:

General (US Army Ret.) Austin "Scott" Miller

General (US Army Ret.) Austin “Scott” Miller

A legendary combat leader, General Scott Miller served the United States Army with distinction for nearly four decades. His extensive background includes commanding the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and leading all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Known for pioneering initiatives like integrating women into the U.S. Army Ranger School, General Miller’s extraordinary strategic and operational expertise makes him an invaluable asset to our Board.

“Drones coupled with AI are on the battlefield, and the capabilities will continue to evolve faster than most realize. The side that possesses the offensive capability with the proper integration will be formidable at the tactical and operational level of the fight, and influence the strategic level of National Security. I’m excited to join the innovative team at Skydio as they break new ground in this field.”

General Austin “Scott” Miller

Dr. Nadia Schadlow

Dr. Nadia Schadlow

Dr. Nadia Schadlow is a preeminent strategist who previously served as the Deputy National Security Advisor and Assistant to the President of the United States. She was the chief architect of the 2017 National Security Strategy. As a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, her work continues to shape major policy discussions on America’s national security innovation base, highlighting crucial intersections between strategy, national security, and technology.

“Skydio is the exact sort of partner the DoD and our Western allies need: a dual-use company with the speed and innovation that the commercial sector and Silicon Valley require and an impressive track record in the defense sector. Skydio is doing it all – building cutting-edge hardware in the United States while developing the most advanced AI-based software on a drone. I look forward to supporting its growth in the defense sector.”

Dr. Nadia Schadlow

Peter W. Singer

Peter W. Singer

Peter W. Singer is a visionary military futurist and a senior fellow at New America, renowned for his writings on the future of warfare, including robotics and autonomous systems. His influential books and role as a consultant for various military commands underline his deep insights into the technological transformations reshaping defense strategies.

“The cross between the software of AI and the hardware of robotics is creating bold new questions of both possibility and policy. It is exciting to aid the Skydio team at the center of this new revolution in technology.”

Peter W. Singer

Lieutenant General (US Air Force Ret.) Kirk Pierce

Lieutenant General (US Air Force Ret.) Kirk Pierce

With a career culminating in his role as the Commander of the Continental U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Region and First Air Force (U.S. Air Forces Northern and U.S. Air Forces Space), Lt. Gen. Pierce brings extensive experience in joint force air component command and control, integrated air and missile defense, and space support operations. His deep expertise in providing defense support of civil authorities in response to natural disasters coupled with his support for NASA’s human space flight programs underscores his profound understanding of national security from both aeronautical and space perspectives.

“The homeland is no longer a sanctuary. U.S. national defense strategy relies on our ability to project power from the homeland to deter, deny and ultimately defeat threats to the U.S. and our Allies. As we draw conclusions from the use of drones in Ukraine, the U.S. must buy down risk while increasing mission effectiveness by realizing the cost-effective, dual-use value of drones in combat operations and defense support of civil authorities. Skydio is a proven leader in America’s drone industry and I believe their success, and that of the entire industry, is critical to America’s future.”

Lieutenant General Kirk Pierce

Major General (Royal Australian Army Ret.) Mick Ryan, AM

Major General (Royal Australian Army Ret.) Mick Ryan, AM

An internationally recognized expert on the future of warfare, Mick Ryan, AM, has an extensive military background with the Australian Army, where he held significant command responsibilities and influenced the strategic direction of the Australian Armed Forces and those of many other allied nations. His scholarly work and publications, especially on the integration of advanced technologies in military strategy, continue to contribute to defense innovation and global security.

“I am very excited to join an extraordinary group of experienced military and national security professionals on the new Advisory Board. Skydio represents a brilliant capability for innovation and delivery in autonomous systems, and I look forward to contributing to their continued growth.”

Major General Mick Ryan, AM

Once again, we are grateful to welcome this esteemed group of leaders to our National Security Advisory Board – their experience is critical to our ability to address the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

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