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Regardless if you’ve just received your DJI Air 3 or have owned it for a while, knowing the serial number of the Air 3 is important for various reasons.

Where Is the Serial Number on DJI Air 3Where Is the Serial Number on DJI Air 3

Because the Air 3 is over 250 g, in the United States it must be registered. The serial number is required for registration purposes. If you are planning on purchasing DJI-provided Care Refresh insurance you will need to have the serial number handy. There are more reasons as well.

The serial number for the DJI Air 3 can be located in the following areas:

  • On the QR code sticker in the battery compartment
  • On the outside of the box that the Air 3 originally came in
  • Within the DJI Fly app

Let’s dig deeper into each of these serial number locations.

Physical Location of the Air 3’s Serial Number

Here we’ll discuss where to find the serial numbers of the Air 3 unit itself, as well as where to locate the serial numbers on the DJI RC 2 and DJI RC-N2.

Air 3

The first and easily accessible location for the Air 3 serial number is on the bottom of the box you received with your DJI Air 3.

You will see the:

The second way to access the serial number of the Air 3 is through a QR code printed on the Air 3 itself.

For those new to QR’s a QR (quick response) code is more often than not a square, 2-dimensional, monochromatic barcode that can be scanned using your cell phone’s camera or scanner app.

After the QR code is scanned, it will then launch a webpage in your phone’s browser or direct you to a particular data source.

In the case of the Air 3, upon scanning the serial number’s QR code, you are presented with the actual serial number, on-screen.

The location of the Air 3 QR code/serial number is in a very obscure location, in the battery bay of the Air 3’s body.

Remove the Air 3 battery and on the right-hand side, in the battery bay, you will see the QR code.

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If you are looking for the serial number of your DJI RC 2 or RC-N2 remote controllers, the location of these is found on the back of the remote controller itself and is easily scannable with a cellphone.

DJI RC 2 – Serial Number QR Code
DJI RC-N2 – Serial Number QR Code

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Intelligent Flight Battery Serial Numbers

In addition to there being serial numbers for the DJI Air 3 and its respective remote controllers, there are also serial numbers for the batteries.

Having these serial numbers might come in handy when doing warranty work for a battery that has malfunctioned.

The location of the serial number is on the bottom of the battery, where all of the battery information is located. It will be on the QR code.

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Serial Number Location in the DJI Fly App

The third and last location for the Air 3 and remote controller serial numbers is actually found in the DJI Fly app.

Once in the DJI Fly Live View screen, go into the setting (3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Navigate to the About Tab. You will then see the following serial numbers:

  • Battery
  • Aircraft (Air 3)
  • Flight Controller
  • Remote Controller
  • Camera

You might be wondering what the flight controller serial number is. Per DJI, the flight controller serial number is used specifically for unlocking geo zones.

When dealing with either registration, warranty, or DJI Care Refresh, the flight controller serial number will not be a requirement for those services.

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What is the Air 3’s Serial Number Used For?

The Air 3 (and remote controller) serial number is used to track and identify the Air 3, whether this be for registration purposes, insurance claims, or the unfortunate event of theft.

FAA Registration (and Others)

In the United States, as well as in other countries, it is required that drones over 250 g be registered with that country’s flight authority.

In the United States, this would be the FAA or Federal Aviation Authority.

Like a motor vehicle, drones likewise need to be registered. This is to ensure drone operators are flying their drones safely and responsibly while being accountable for these flights.

When registering with the FAA, the serial number of the drone being registered is a required field.

It is also right at the beginning of the registration process where it won’t be missed, further adding to its importance.

Official FAA Dronezone site – https://faadronezone-access.faa.gov/

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DJI Care Refresh & DJI Warranty Work

If you ever need to take advantage of the DJI Care Refresh 1 or 2-year insurance plan, having the serial number of your Air 3 is a requirement.

Likewise, if you need to send the Air 3 back to DJI for warranty repair-related work, the serial number is required.

DJI uses the serial number in several ways. The foremost is for identification purposes. Having the serial number identifies the Air 3 as a genuine DJI Drone eligible for Care Refresh.

In the case of warranty work, the serial number helps identify the batch the Air 3 was manufactured with as well as ownership information.

During the warranty process, the serial number is then used to track the Air 3 through the repairs needed on the drone, as well as the warranty status.

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Authenticity Verification

Having the serial number for the Air 3 is useful when verifying that it is an authentic DJI Air 3 manufactured by DJI.

This comes into play when buying or selling the Air 3 on the used market.

Sadly there are unscrupulous individuals out there with clever “knockoffs” that might try and sell the counterfeit as an authentic product, for more than it is actually worth.

If you ever have a question about a drone’s authenticity, DJI Support can run the serial number through their system and let you know immediately all there is to know about the drone in question.

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Theft Recovery

In the unfortunate event your drone has been stolen, having the serial number is critical.

With the serial number present, law enforcement authorities and insurance companies can oftentimes identify recovered drones by matching them with your drone’s serial number.

Of course, this is only useful when a drone has been recovered.

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