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Woot Tech Jugger Naut

Revealing the Jugger Naut! The octa-copter designed for battle-fields and air combats.

This precision bombing drone features an MTOW of 50kg and can carry up to 6 mortars controlled directly by the operator or function autonomously.

JuggerNaut can cruise at a speed of 55 km/hr, offers an endurance of up to 45 minutes and can fly up to 300 m high.

Woot Tech

Woot Tech is an aerospace company

Since the inception of Woot Tech in 2020, we’ve designed, built and flown all types of drones from agile rotary-wings, to reliable fixed wings to our flagship hybrid VTOLs. At Woot Tech, we focus on the design, manufacture, and operations of bespoke drone technology products for industrial-strength commercial use. With endurance times beyond 2 hours, and heavy payload applications, our long-range drones carry huge benefits for business and commerce. Solutions can be developed to meet specific client requirements, and services can include support and training, during and after implementation.

Our drones are completely autonomous and intelligent. WootTech develops in-house artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, leveraging computer vision technology. Paired with our flying platforms, these AI products make our drones truly intelligent and autonomous.

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