Zuri eVTOL in AR Display at Dubai Airshow

Zuri eVTOLPrague-based eVTOL manufacturer Zuri recently showcased their design for a 5-seater eVTOL at the Dubai Air Show through augmented reality. Zuri’s display, powered by a pair of AR glasses, was the only AR presentation at the show and allowed viewers to experience their new design with an unprecedented level of immersion. (Video)

The AR experience follows an earlier VR one at the ,AERO Show Friedrichshafen, placing the Zuri design within the space and allowing interested parties to walk around and “look inside” the virtual blueprints. The night before the show formally opened, Zuri took part in the Exclusive eVTOL Insights “Behind closed doors” event as part of their efforts to recruit collaborators on their hybrid design, which is designed to have a range of over 700 km.

Michal Illich, CEO of Zuri, expressed the company’s vision and said, “The launch of AR in Dubai represents the next chapter in presenting our innovation. Building on the success of our VR simulator, we are proud to showcase the potential of augmented reality. But our main focus stays in the physical world – in flight tests of our largescale, 11-meter demonstrator and continued tests of subscale models. Our collaboration with experts and investors is a crucial step towards the realization of our vision of a unique hybrid electric aircraft that pushes the boundaries of sustainable aviation.”

The combination of drone technology and augmented reality isn’t anything new- listen to our recent podcast highlighting the potential of augmented reality helmets to aid in first-responder drone operations here.

More information on Zuri and their eVTOL designs is available here.

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