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 ideaForge Technology Inc. (a subsidiary of ideaForge Technology Limited), a leading global drone technology company, has announced its partnership with Skylark Labs, a U.S.-based AI solutions company, to integrate advanced proprietary self-evolving AI capabilities into its drones, for public safety and security applications.

The collaboration aims to revolutionize public safety operations by integrating cutting-edge proprietary self-evolving AI technology into drones to autonomously detect and identify suspicious weapons, persons, vehicles, fires, and smoke in real-time. Leveraging Skylark Lab’s expertise in artificial intelligence, the drone-based solution will act as a force multiplier to enhance situational awareness for first responders and security personnel, enabling them to effectively ensure public safety and security in urban and rural areas.

“Our partnership with Skylark Labs signifies a pivotal step forward in our dedication to advancing public safety capabilities,” remarked Mr. Ankit Mehta, CEO of ideaForge Technology Limited. “By integrating Skylark’s proprietary self-evolving AI capabilities into ideaForge’s drones, agencies will finally have the most advanced and powerful tools to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness in maintaining public safety, by rapidly identifying potential threats.”

The ideaForge/Skylark solution utilizes ideaForge’s BlueFire Touch Ground Control Software, which ensures seamless delivery of real-time analytics without the necessity for cloud processing or internet connectivity, even in remote areas. The drone, combined with Skylark’s ARIES platform, can detect and identify suspicious items, persons and dangerous situations for enhanced monitoring capabilities.

“This partnership enables public safety agencies to use real-time data to monitor vast areas for potential threats and hazards,” said Dr. Amarjot Singh, Founder and CEO of Skylark Labs AI. “Skylark’s self-evolving AI technology adapts on the drone itself, shortening the software update cycle. We are excited to partner with ideaForge to bring our cutting-edge AI capabilities to their advanced drone platforms, to revolutionize public safety operations.”

The deployment of ideaForge/Skylark AI-integrated drones is a pivotal component of ideaForge’s comprehensive Public Safety solution, complementing flagship products to include SWITCH UAV and NETRA V4 PRO UAV. These UAVs offer a suite of autonomous features, including advanced detection of weapons, suspicious persons and vehicles, as well as fires and smoke. The SWITCH and NETRA V4 PRO UAVs exemplify ideaForge’s dedication to public safety, regulatory compliance, and industry-leading performance. Notably, these UAVs boast low sound emissions and impressive flight times exceeding 90 minutes, making them ideal for persistent monitoring applications in public safety operations.

The ideaForge/Skylark public safety partnership provides a powerful and critical tool for police, firefighters, and other first responder agencies to rapidly identify threats and hazards, to keep communities safe.

About ideaForge Technology Limited

ideaForge is the pioneer and pre-eminent market leader in the Indian unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”) market. The company is backed by leading investors, including Qualcomm, Infosys, Celesta Capital, Florintree, EXIM Bank, Infina Finance and other marquee institutional investors. The company ranked 5th, globally, in 2023, as a top dual-use (civil & military) drone manufacturer, by Drone Industry Insights, the world’s leading drone market research and analytics company. ideaForge customers have completed over 4,55,000 flights using ideaForge UAVs. To know more about ideaForge, visit

About Skylark Labs

Skylark Labs is a U.S.-based artificial intelligence company specializing in developing advanced AI solutions for defense and security applications. Skylark Labs’ systems deliver immediate, actionable intelligence at the tactical edge, equipping forces with the critical insights needed to maintain situational awareness and respond effectively to emerging threats.

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