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Sentrycs’ technology-leading counter-drone solutions have been chosen to enhance the protection of military bases in Europe against small and commercial drones

 Sentrycs – a global technology leader in the cyber-based RF segment of counter-drone solutions – announced strategic deals which will see the implementation of its advanced counter-UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) solutions across multiple military bases throughout Europe.

The field-proven Israeli technology provider will enable its customers to mitigate the immediate threats from small and commercial drones performing ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) missions over sensitive sites including military bases, and occasionally attacking forces as demonstrated in recent years in Ukraine-Russia conflict and in the Middle East.

Sentrycs solutions, employing proprietary protocol analysis technology, can passively detect those drones, track their flight, identify their model, unique serial number, and ID, enabling distinction between friendly and enemy drones. Once a drone becomes a threat, the system neutralizes the drone, landing it safely in a predefined zone.

The systems will be deployed either as a standalone or as an integral part of broader multi-layered C-UAS solution to enable effective protection against different kinds of drones.

“Winning these projects signifies a meaningful market recognition of Sentrycs’ unique capabilities and technology leadership,” said Yoav Zaltzman, CEO of Sentrycs. “Our commitment to ongoing innovation and our agility in adapting to the fast-changing threats, along with strong customer support allow us to provide a field-proven and effective long-term solution. We are proud to contribute to the security of our allies with our advanced counter-drone solutions.”


Sentrycs is a leader in adaptive counter-drone solutions, supported by innovative cyber over RF technology. Sentrycs field-proven solutions are designed to passively detect, track, identify, and where necessary, mitigate unauthorized drones. It is custom-built for various environments, including airports, borders, prisons, critical infrastructure, and mass events. Founded in 2017, Sentrycs has offices in Israel and the US, serving customers worldwide. By uniting its field-proven technology and expertise in global drone environments, Sentrycs is leading the way toward a safer and more secure drone-driven future. 

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