Urban Air Mobility, Top Drone Manufacturers in the World, Drone Racing Arcade

This week’s drone news is about all the latest developments in the drone industry, from urban air mobility to racing leagues.

In this week’s drone news show, our first story is on urban air mobility.

With automobile major, Hyundai announcing their new Urban Air Mobility division, it looks like technology will revolutionize the way we travel in the near future.

We have some exciting developments to share in this segment of the show.

Next up, we talk about space tourism, and how two companies – Virgin Galactic and Blue Origins are going all out to establish a foothold in the nascent field.

Drone enthusiasts will surely love our next story. Drone Industry Insights released their annual report which lists all the top drone manufacturers in the world. While DJI grabbed the pole position, we have some surprising entrants in this list as well.

Does this list highlight the changing dynamics of the drone market?

And if you are into gaming, check out our wrap-up story.

Drone Racing League’s new and one-of-a-kind mobile game, Drone Racing Arcade is out now. We strongly recommend you check it out!

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  • [00:46] Urban air Mobility | Hyundai’s New Air Mobility Division gains traction
  • [03:30] Latest from the world of space tourism – How Virgin Galactic and Blue Origins are leading by example
  • [05:30] The top drone manufacturers in the world; the front-runners and some surprising entrants
  • [11:06] Drone Racing League’s mobile game – Drone Racing Arcade
  • [14:25] Black Friday Alert! Don’t miss the chance to grab these killer time-limited deals!


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